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Who We Are

At Mayday Media, we are dedicated to helping small businesses scale up to dominate the social media space in order to exponentially increase their revenue. We make it 1000 times easier for businesses to be discovered as more and more people are turning to social media in the search for products and services. Our agency and services were built to help small businesses adapt and thrive online as the world shifts to a more digitized platform. Work with us so you can be the first thing people see when they log onto their favorite social media platform.


Campaign Management

Campaigns designed for a smoother process for booking appointments, hyper-targeted audiences for increased sales, campaign reproduction to improve overall exposure, and more. We build and manage every campaign to meet strategized objectives, ultimately leading to clients achieving their goals.


Website Design

Simplicity and experience is what keeps website visitors on the site and coming back for more. We do a careful dissection of your current website to ensure there is a user-friendly experience, but also, we will create that experience for you if do not have a website already published.


Lead Capture

There's no follow-up process without leads. Methods like funnels or form submissions are just couple of ways those leads can be captured. But there's a bit more that goes into this process that requires some data and further analysis in order to keep the quality of those leads high.  

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